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S&P Capital IQ's RatingsDirect delivers the actionable market intelligence you need for efficient credit analysis and alpha discovery. It's the official desktop source for Standard & Poor's credit ratings and research, combined with additional market intelligence and risk indicators. With our powerful web-based solution, you can manage your exposure, stay on top of entity-related risks, and protect shareholder interests.

Market research compliments of S&P Capital IQ:
Global Aging 2013: Rising To The Challenge icon_pdf.png 
Credit Trends:Analyzing The Size And Structure Of The U.S. Speculative-Grade Corporate Debt Market icon_pdf.png
Credit FAQ: Standard & Poor's Mid-Market Evaluations Explained icon_pdf.png 

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  • Deep dives at the instrument and security level
  • Early-warning signals from the Credit Default Swap (CDS) marketplace
  • Options to personalize views, integrate third-party feeds and receive email alerts

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